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Friday, April 15, 2005

I can name that tune in...

Having previously had a debate over what theme tune the various political parties should adopt we now have the Guardian exploring the musical tastes of our politicians.

Charles Kennedy confesses to listening to David Bowie and folk music, George Galloway compares Bob Dylan to Shakespeare whilst Oliver Letwin confesses that he has never really listened to pop music. Lembit Opik praises Elvis Costello, folk music and the Beautiful South.

Writing as someone who currently has Guns and Roses in my car CD player, you can see that there is room for all kinds of people in the Liberal Democrats, though I have also been known to listen to Elvis Costello and David Bowie as well.

What all politicians should be able to agree on however, is that all copies of Lembit's 'truly awful Christmas single' should be buried for eternity, along with David Steel's 'I am feeling Liberal'.
I'll pay good money for a copy of Lembit's single.
Nice to see you and Lembit agreeing on something
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