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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

He does what it says on the tin

For some reason Captain Beany is not standing in his native Aberavon this time but in Cardiff Central. A postcard is now being circulated to homes therefore with a picture of the caped crusader on a tin of beans. The front of the card contains the legend "Vote for the one politician you can trust. He does what it says on the tin."

On the back is Captain Beany's manifesto:

"Dear bean lover, here we go again - another General Election another gutsful of politicians' promises we all know they just won't keep. Captain Beany doesn't make empty promises. Yes -he's stupid, but he's not that stupid. He just asks you to remember this when you go to vote:

and a vote for the New Millennium Bean Party will mean the future's still orange. So please...don't be a meany (we've asked very nicely) vote Beany. He does what it says on the tin."

Update: The leaflet can be seen here.

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