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Thursday, April 28, 2005

Fighting dirty?

The Western Mail reports that Tory candidate David Davies has accused unnamed rivals of running a dirty tricks campaign against him in the close-run contest for Monmouth after the market town was plastered with illegal posters overnight. Apparently, scores of posters, urging voters to back Mr Davies, had been put up illegally on shop fronts, bus shelters and bins across Monmouth.

David has branded it a "deliberate attempt to blacken our name". He demanded the "culprit or culprits" be found and punished but declined to say who he thought was responsible.

Mr Davies said, "We condemn this sort of deliberate vandalism in the strongest possible terms. "We want to make it absolutely clear these posters have nothing whatsoever to do with the Conservative Party or our election campaign in Monmouth."

The question of course is where did the perpetrators of this crime get the posters from?

Hmm. Smells a bit fishy to me
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