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Monday, April 25, 2005

Being Alastair Campbell

The author of the Alastair Campbell proxy blog goes public in The Times today and she is a woman. Anna Corp's insight into how she achieved a "complete mind merge with Campbell" is quite interesting, if only for what it tells us about proxy blogging. I thought her conclusion was particularly apt:

It’s been fun, but I am left wondering why more politicians are not blogging. Even with the research, each entry took only a few minutes. Asked by this newspaper about my site, the real AC said he had "better things to do than worry about blogs". But with millions of people reading blogs every day, are they not exactly what he should be worrying about?

Maybe if my local candidates spent the odd moment trying to engage me and keep me up do date, then I might make the effort to get to a polling station on May 5 and put my cross in a box for the very first time. Who knows, it might even be for TB’s lot.
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