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Friday, April 22, 2005

Behaving badly in Laugharne

After politics and cats my next favourite subject is the wonderful West Wales town of Laugharne. The Western Mail this morning carries a full page article on how tourists are flocking there not to pay homage to Dylan Thomas but to seek out Neil Morrissey.

It is true that Mr. Morrissey owns three interesting venues in the town, namely Hirst House, the Three Mariners and Brown's Hotel, but there is a large number of other places to visit as well including the castle, the boat house, the beautiful coastline and quite a few top class restaurants, shops, pubs and a fantastic little silversmith's complete with a cat that sleeps amongst the exhibits.

That more and more people are finding the town is to be welcomed. However, if they are to capitalise on the interest the local burghers really need to sort out their internet presence and try to be more accommodating to visitors. The last time I was there, shortly after Easter, the Boat House was still on winter closing times, leaving a stream of visitors staring at the garden in the sunshine, but unable to access the experience within.
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