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Monday, April 18, 2005

The arrogance of power

Despite promising in their manifesto that they will reduce hospital waiting times in Wales it seems that Labour are not prepared to tell us how they will do this until after the General Election is over.

Presumably they want us to trust them to deliver. They asked us to trust them in 1997 as well, when they set specific targets for waiting lists which they then failed to meet. They asked us to trust them over war in Iraq, only to have the words thrown back in their faces when the alleged weapons of mass destruction proved not to exist.

Trust is not something that voters are prepared to offer Labour anymore. Indeed, if the reaction I encountered on the doorsteps of Neath tonight is anything to go by, many of Labour's most loyal voters are deserting them over precisely this issue.

As if to add to the woes of Wales Labour, rebel AM Peter Law has finally announced that he will stand as an Independent in Blaenau Gwent after all. I have already commented on the impact his decision will have on Labour's majority in the Assembly. The question now is what will happen to their majority in Blaenau Gwent?
It seems that Wales loses out on the public transport issue AGAIN. Never have I heard so many deflections and postponements by a government. We have been told for years that we would have improved public transport between north and south Wales (that should only mean a charter service for politicians). In the Western Mail online (icwales.co.uk)reports "Labour under attack as upgrades for Welsh train routes derailed" Apr 19 2005. I simply can't believe that we cannot upgrade our rail service in these much needed areas because of some official in London.

From the article it seems that spending 45m pounds on new trains was too expensive yet they are spending 50m pounds on leasing old sprinter trains which aren't needed in Scotland. Either the report in the Western Mail doesn't correctly portray the facts OR there is some serious mind-blowing policy decisions going on about Welsh public transport in London.
If this rant seemed a little uncalled for and irrelevant then it is about the issue of trust. The government have promised investment in public transport but, it seems, that when push comes to shove they bail on us with some hotchpotch half-thought out half-random decision making. How can we trust this government to deliver on public transport issues?
To be honest the government has been in power for two terms and if they think that saying "oh re-elect us and it'll continue" I just cannot wait any longer. So much for them to bring about a third way and imporvements. These are seriously limited compared to the amount of time they've spent in government. 8 years should at least have some tangible benefits if they followed their manifesto pledges from 1997. I see relatively few compared to the promises made in their manifesto.
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