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Thursday, April 28, 2005

All quiet in the chamber

The Assembly chamber was nearly deserted yesterday as virtually the entire Plaid Cymru group took themselves off to attend Gwynfor Evans' funeral. In addition the three Tory Parliamentary candidates were also missing, presumably campaigning. In general these absenses were unremarked upon until Labour AM, Carl Sargeant, waded in with both feet and delivered that day's crass remark:

Carl Sargeant: This is an important issue for Members on this side of the Chamber, and it is disappointing that neither the Conservative nor the Plaid Cymru delegation on health is here to question you this afternoon.

I actually thought he said spokesperson rather than delegation, but the fact remained that the Plaid Cymru Health spokesperson at least had a good reason for not being there - he was a pall bearer for Gwynfor Evans.
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