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Saturday, November 20, 2004

Attention seekers go too far

Margaret Hodge is not my favourite MP by a long way but I am outraged by the latest stunt by Fathers for Misogyny. Handcuffing oneself to somebody in this way is assault in my view and I hope that the CPS prosecute the culprits. These protests have ceased to be peaceful or even amusing, they have strayed into violence. Now that we have both F4J and the fox-hunters stalking Ministers it must be incumbent on the Police to ensure that they are adequately protected at all time. We cannot have our democracy subverted by people who do not understand its value and who are not prepared to accept its rules.

Couldn't agree more Peter! I'm personally very sick and tired of the lack of assertive measures being taken to ensure these irresponsible idiots do not continue to sully the name of what is a very deserving and genuine cause.

As a proud Liberal Democract myself, it's not often to find myself congratulating the current Government but I do so after this weeks successful implementation of the ban on Hunting with Dogs. I feel the HoL were given sufficient chances to work with the Government to bring in the new Law slowly and calmly, their refusal to do this was rightfully slammed to the floor with the passage of a near immediate ban through the Parliament Act and their challenge to the legality of this can only be described as futile.
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