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Friday, October 01, 2004

That by-election result

Yes, it was disappointing not to win but a 19% swing from Labour to the Liberal Democrats is significant. I will leave it to others to spin the result as they wish but two things are clear. Firstly, this is not a good result for Labour. Secondly it is an even worse result for the Tories. If they are the official opposition then our democracy really is in trouble.

Crass act of the night has to be the use of purple flour by the fathers for misogyny candidate. I cannot put it better than Guacamoleville:

Your high profile candidature garners a measly 139 votes, so what do you do? Throw purple powder over another losing candidate live on national television, thus ensuring any sympathy the public might have had for your cause evaporates before your very eyes. Smart move.

Nick Barlow puts it rather more succinctly whilst the comment from Backwood Dave to Nick's post provides further illumination on the activities of these neanderthals:

20 members of the F4J mob had surprised Iain Wright after he'd voted and frightened his daughter. According to the Guardian: "But there were ugly scenes as Mr Wright emerged from the polling station - the school he had attended as a youngster - when around 20 protesters from the Fathers4Justice group surrounded the candidate and heckled him with shouts of 'how come you can see your daughter, but because of your government, I can't see mine'." The answer being "because I'm not divorced on account of being a wife-beater, nor daft enough to scare small kids." They really are prats.

Angry as I am at the vile and negative Labour campaign, the brothers are angels compared to these people.

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