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Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Second class?

The Welsh Conservative Assembly Member for North Wales, Brynle Williams, is generally a softspoken, pleasant and well-mannered gentlemen, who belies his firebrand image as one of the leaders of the fuel dispute a few years ago. This is a direct contrast with his predecessor, Peter Rogers, of whom it was said that his constituents could hear his Assembly contributions a hundred miles away without needing to switch the TV on. Brynle does have a habit though of getting his words in a twist as happened yesterday:

Brynle Williams: When a constituent's wife telephoned NHS Direct for information about dental patient places in Wrexham, she was told that none were available in the NHS or privately. In light of your Government's promise in 1999 that everyone would have access to NHS dental care within two years, would you agree that the service is going backwards?

As innocent as this remark seemed it occurred to me that If it was a constituent's wife who telephoned Brynle then surely she was a constituent in her own right. Why is it that she has suddenly became a second class citizen in which her rights are tied into those of her husband?

A bit of a reach surely? It's just a shortening of "I heard from a constituent then when his wife .." I would imagine the wife phoned the NHS and the husband reported the events to Brynle, who in turn accurately represented the origin of the news. After all, housewives have less time for hob-nobbing with their local politicians.

Clive Hill 8 October 2004
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