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Sunday, October 31, 2004

Over and out in America

As state polls track an inexorable path to re-election for George Bush I have become resigned to more bad news every time I log onto this site. The latest prediction is that Bush will win with 280 electoral college votes to Kerry's 243.

Blogging from New York, James Wolcott seems to think that Kerry will enjoy a 10 per cent margin of victory on Tuesday. I wish I shared his optimism. The Observer today, certainly does not. They report that the broadcasting of a message from Osama bin Laden on al Jazeera has concentrated people's minds on security issues once more and that this has had the effect of boosting support for the incumbent. 'A Newsweek tracker poll published yesterday suggested the momentum may be moving in the incumbent's way. The poll predicted Bush to win by 50 per cent to Kerry's 44, compared with a 48-46 gap last week.'

This is all very disturbing. We can only hope that as people digest the significance of the tape they realise that the fact that bin Laden is still loose is due, in part, to the failure of the President to put enough troops into Afghanistan to track him down and that they will vote accordingly.

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