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Tuesday, October 19, 2004


I had a moment of clarity during today's Welsh Assembly plenary session. There has been a lot of media attention recently concerning the supposed sightings of a kangeroo or wallaby in the Lisvane area of Cardiff. One Sunday tabloid newspaper even published an upside-down appeal to the aforesaid creature on page three requesting that it give itself up. It is now thought that the animal is, in fact, a dog but we cannot be sure.

Cardiff North, of course, is a Tory-Labour marginal and has to be won by the Conservatives if they are to have even a sniff at power. Clearly, it must be subject of many visits by the great and the good from Central Office. When I read therefore that the Tories' new election chief is an Australian it all came together. Is he missing any pets? We should be told.

Update: It turns out that the kangaroo was in fact a severely ill and injured fox. It has now been caught and put down. Does this mean that Lynton Crosby has not been to Cardiff after all.

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