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Sunday, October 10, 2004

Have I got a leader for you

The Observer moots the idea that if Michael Howard fails then he will be replaced as Tory leader by Boris Johnson as part of a 'Schwarzenegger solution'. One is tempted of course to echo Lloyd Bentsen and say that Boris Johnson is no Schwarzenegger but then who is and who would want to be? If this unlikely scenario comes about then we will have two party leaders who have starred on "Have I got news for you?" Whatever happened to building a political reputation on the floor of the House of Commons?

Comments have been made that prime ministers question time has become very boring - seeing two barristers in the shape of Blair & Howard face each other over the dispatch box.

Perhaps this says something over the British Jury system whereby instead of “getting to the truth”, the twelve members of the jury are judging the performance of the defence & prosecution barristers.

I think if Boris was to face Blair over the dispatch box, then it would be akin to a rabbit caught in the headlights of an oncoming Lorry.

It is the job of the opposition to oppose!
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