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Monday, October 18, 2004

Culturenet sacking on the web

The man who sparked the row about the alleged rigging of the 100 Welsh Heroes internet poll strikes again. This time David Jones is co-operating with a web-based venture that involves posting all the documents compiled for consideration in his dismissal for 'gross misconduct'.

You may recall that when I raised this in Plenary the First Minister hid behind David Jones' sacking so as to rubbish his allegations. This is despite the fact that the Welsh Assembly Government has failed to adequately refute these claims by the publication of a proper independent scrutiny of the database.

As far as I am aware David Jones' actions in publishing these documents is unprecedented. They will assist in evaluating whether his sacking was justified or not. However, for my part this remains a side issue. My concern remains the proper use of public money. I continue to seek a definite answer as to whether Culturenet failed in their duty of care in administering this poll or not.

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