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Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Looking for a hero

Well done John Prescott for his rescue of a Kayaker on Friday. Despite our political differences you cannot help but admire somebody who is not afraid to get stuck in when it is needed. I saw him again this morning arriving at the flooded village of Boscastle. My rather flippant side thought for a moment that he had turned up to try and repeat his rescue attempt and I half-expected him to wade into the water with the emergency services. The situation was however, rather too serious for that. Thank goodness nobody was hurt.

I have been to Boscastle before so I was shocked to see the damage done by the flood waters. I was wondering if the Museum of Witchcraft is alright but a quick look at their website indicates that it is not. "The Museum of Witchcraft has been severely damaged, leaving much of the building destroyed. During this awful event Graham King, the owner of the Museum, bravely assisted in the rescue operations using his coast guarding skills to help others. The Museum will take time to recover but rest assured it will be back, restored to its previous splendour."

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