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Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Back at last

And not a moment too soon! Seriously, I was starting to have blog-withdrawal symptoms. My absence from the airwaves was slightly longer than I had anticipated as just before I left for Reading I took my computer in to be upgraded and cleaned up. As it was a bank holiday I have only just been able to retrieve it.

The Reading Festival was a serious piece of theatre. The downside was that I was forced to stand around in mud wearing wellington boots for 13 hours. By the time I got the boots off my feet were killing me. They are still not right today, nearly 60 hours later. It was though all I had expected and we were fortunate to chose a day when it did not rain. Morrissey, despite his rather dodgy lyrics, stole the show. He produced 70 minutes of class to the backdrop of a clear dusky sky and a full moon. Franz Ferdinand were outstanding as always whilst Razorlight delivered a gutsy and original set that must mark them out for even better things. The only disappointment was The Libertines who, without Pete Doherty, were a shadow of their former selves. They seemed dispirited and depressed. By the end of their set only the hard core fans seemed to be listening.

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