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Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Just for the record

A letter in the Neath Guardian on 16 December from Welsh Secretary, Peter Hain, hits the right note. He says:

"The idea that hospital waiting lists in Wales won't matter in the next general election or that they are not too high is ludicrous. As is your suggestion I think otherwise.

Even though 250,000 more patients are being seen today in Wales under Labour than under the Tories, waiting lists are too high - especially compared to England where they are plummeting down to just 18 weeks from the time you see a GP.

And I continue to press the Welsh Assembly Government to do much better."

Do you think somebody has told Jane Hutt this news?

Your constant criticism and negative campaigning is becoming extremely tedious and boring – can I suggest you talk about something else? It might actually encourage people to visit this blog more often. Looking at your hit counter, I think you need to do something drastically.
Doesn't stop you coming back does it David?
I'm your only visitor.

You should be working hard to retain me. An average of 37 hits a day - very poor Peter, pathetic in fact.
If you have nothing better to do than visit my site 37 times a day then that is pathetic, yes. Maybe you should restart your own blog and I could visit you!
I just think it's a measure of your popular appeal (or lack of it).
I really do not care!
Of course, I should've known. Being an opportunistic Liberal you only care about your popular appeal come election time.

Not that you'll need to worry as I suspect your party will elect you through the back door again as a "second chance" AM – the loser's medal.
Merry Christmas to you too David. Hope you find another tune in the New Year.
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